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Welcome to the Immigration Partnership

immigration partnership

Immigration Connections in 

     Waterloo Region

The Immigration Partnership has a community-wide commitment to support and integrate immigrants in Waterloo Region. It was created on the conviction that successful settlement and integration is a mutually beneficial process that involves both immigrants and the broader community engaging in a process of mutual learning and inter-relatedness. Our definition of "Immigrants" includes people who immigrated a long time ago or more recently, refugees and refugee claimants, immigrants who are and are not Canadian citizens and all newcomers to Canada, who are living in Waterloo Region.

Our vision

Waterloo Region will be a community where immigrants and refugees settle, work and belong.

Our mission

The Immigration Partnership helps facilitate successful settlement, integration and community involvement of immigrants and refugees in Waterloo Region.

Who are we?

We are a community partnership of organizations and community representatives in settlement, health, community, social services, business, employment and education systems that believe by working together, we enhance our collective potential for positive impact to support the successful settlement and integration of immigrants locally. There are over 100 organizations and community members engaged in our partnership.

What do we do?

We create and enhance existing partnerships, share information, coordinate initiatives and plan and implement collaborative strategies for change. We developed a local settlement and integration strategy and work together to implement the actions to achieve these goals:

1. Facilitation of a multi-sectoral partnership to foster inclusive and responsive environments for immigrants
2. Communication to stakeholders and the broader public to strengthen awareness and capacity to successfully integrate immigrants
3. Improvements in coordination of and access to services that facilitates immigrant settlement
4. Improved labour market outcomes for immigrants
5. Strengthened local and regional awareness and capacity to successfully integrate immigrants in our communities

The power of three!

Our work is divided into three pillar domains: Settle, Work and Belong. Settle, Work and Belong represents essential elements for making newcomer's adjustment to life in Waterloo Region an easier process. It's about faciliating settlement issues faced by newcomers, finding employment that matches their education and skills, plus ensuring they feel connected to and participate actively within the community.


Background and History


In 2009, Citizenship and Immigration Canada put a call for proposals out to communities in Ontario who might be interested in developing a local immigration partnership.  At that time, the Waterloo Region Immigrant Employment Network (WRIEN), which was established in 2006, initiated discussion at its planning table to determine whether there was interest in Waterloo Region to develop a Local Immigration Partnership (LIP).  There was significant interest and a proposal was put forward to Citizenship and Immigration Canada who provided funding for the initial development of a settlement strategy for Waterloo Region.  During 2009 and 2010, a large number of stakeholders in Waterloo Region worked to develop the LIP strategy.  The Centre for Community Based Research assisted with the development of the community plan.  Numerous consultations were completed and a structure for the Local Immigration Partnership and a draft action plan were developed. 


As this process moved forward, there was a growing recognition that there was a significant amount of overlap between the goals and mandate of WRIEN and the LIP.  An Integration Task Team was struck to determine how best to structure the Partnership.  This Integration Task Team was comprised of members of the WRIEN Steering Committee and the LIP Interim Council.  Following consultation and deliberation a decision was made to fully integrate WRIEN within the LIP.  The resulting integration resulted in the Immigration Partnership in Waterloo Region. 


Citizenship and Immigration Canada provided funding to implement the action plan for the Immigration Partnership beginning in April 2011. 

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