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Education in Waterloo Region

There are many learning opportunities for you and your children in Waterloo Region. Waterloo Region has two world-class universities and one of Canada's finest community colleges.  You can also find quality schools for children, English language classes and International language classes.   

19526636Learning English

In Waterloo Region, English is the common language.  There are many courses available for people of all skill levels, from beginner to advanced.  There is advanced training in English used in specific professions and trades.  See the Learning English page for more information.

32461277Canadian School System

The education system in Ontario includes Early Years Centres, public funded elementary and secondary schools, private elementary and secondary schools, universities, colleges of applied arts and technology, and private career colleges. Click here to find out more about the Canadian school system. 

6043408Childcare & Early Learning

Waterloo Region has quality schools for children.  Learn more about Childcare and Early Learning.

25737491Elementary & Secondary School

As a parent or guardian, you have a choice of sending your children to publicly funded public schools (English or French), publicly funded Catholic schools (English or French), private school, or schooling your children at home. 

13618103Universities and Colleges

There are several excellent universities and colleges in Waterloo RegionUniversity of WaterlooWilfrid Laurier University and Conestoga College are leading Canadian Universities offering education and research in a number of established and emerging fields. Click here to see more! 


14763188Adult and Continuing Education

The universities and colleges in Waterloo Region offer programs for adults.  You can get a certificate or learn more about a topic of interest. You can also get credit for the education and life-work experience you acquired before you came to Canada.  See the Adult and Continuing Education page for more information.

27062816Evaluate My Credentials

Most individuals who plan to come to Canada to settle permanently and who wish to enter the labour force will need to know the value of the education, training, and experience they have acquired outside Canada. Click here to find information about how to evaluate your credentials. 

29388656International Language Classes 

The local school boards and many ethnocultural and religious groups offer international language classes.  In these classes you and your children can learn a language such as the language spoken in your home country.  See the International Language Classes page for more information.

3403006Education Rights and Responsibilities

Rules set out by the Province of Ontario and all schools help make a safe learning environment for everyone. Parents, students, teachers, and staff have many responsibilities. They also have many rights and freedoms. Good communication between teachers, staff, students, and parents is important. Click here to learn more about education rights and responsibilities. 



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