There are many ways that you, as an employer, can get to know and hire immigrant talent in Waterloo Region.

Employer Playbook

The Employer Playbook includes a collection of accessible, easy-to-implement strategies aimed at helping HR leads, employers, executives, entrepreneurs, and equity, diversity, and inclusion professionals learn about best practices for attracting to and hiring immigrants in the Waterloo Region and fostering inclusive workplaces that leverage newcomers’ skills, experiences, and talents. Access the resource here.


Conestoga College's Immigrant Internship Program matches employers to internationally trained professionals with a post-secondary degree. Hiring an intern through this program is a great way to you to explore a new employee's fit with your company. It also provides a newcomer in the community with Canadian work experience.

Host an intern in Waterloo Region - you may find a permanent hire and the intern's path to employment will be strengthened.

Networking and job fairs

There are many opportunities for you to network with immigrant talent in Waterloo Region. Several times each year the Immigration Partnership hosts networking events which bring together employers and immigrant talent to informally get to know each other and explore potential employment relationships. You can also work with a local employment agency to host a job fair at one of their locations to meet potential employees in a more formal job placement setting. 

We can help you get connected with the wealth of talent and recruitment support that await you in Waterloo Region.

Recruitment services

Local employment agencies have been helping employers like you access talented job-seekers with the skills and expertise your business needs to thrive. Whether you are looking for professional occupations, skilled trades, labourers or service staff, highly experienced talent or new graduates, these agencies provide professional staffing services for all industries to meet your specific hiring needs. Their services are free and they can help you by:

  • Pre-selecting and screening qualified candidates
  • Posting your jobs
  • Hosting your job fairs
  • Providing labour market information
  • Providing a dedicated contact to help you understand and access wage and training subsidies. 






385 Fairway Road S, Unit 205, Kitchener


Conestoga College Career Centre

108 University Ave E, Waterloo

299 Doon Valley Dr, Kitchener

519-885-0300 x5226  


165 King St E, Kitchener

35 Dickson St, Cambridge




Region of Waterloo Employment Services

235 King Street E, Kitchener

99 Regina Street S, Waterloo

150 Main Street, Cambridge

519-883-2101 x5655 

The Working Centre

58 Queen St S, Kitchener 


YMCA Employment Services

800 King Street W, Kitchener

258 Hespeler Road, Cambridge




The WR Connectors Program is a joint venture of the Greater Kitchener-Waterloo Chamber of Commerce and the Kitchener-Waterloo Multicultural Centre to expand the professional networks of highly qualified newcomers. Local connectors meet a professionally-qualified newcomer (connectee) for half an hour and suggest three names from their network to connect with. Connectees gain insight into their professional network and connect with career opportunities.

Become a connector in Waterloo Region - you will gain access to a wealth of diverse talent and help your connectee in their career path.


The YMCA Mentorship Program is designed for internationally trained professionals who have been in Canada for less than 3 years. Here they are matched with experienced professionals from Canada based on similar education and work experience to provide guidance, insights and expand networks.

Become a mentor to a newcomer in Waterloo Region - you may find a future hire and you'll help your mentee in their career path.

Learn more about resources for Waterloo Region employers hiring immigrants, including language and settlement supports. And check out additional tools and resources for hiring.


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