In Canada, there are three levels of government: Federal, provincial and municipal (local). Waterloo Region has two orders or levels of municipal government.  The first order includes each of the three cities and four townships in the Region:

The second order is the Regional Municipality of Waterloo, which provides services to all the cities and townships in the Region. 

Municipal elections are held every four years. Canadian citizens can vote for the candidate of their choice.

Municipal government is the most accessible level of government for residents. They provide important everyday services and programs, such as:

  • Bus service and transit
  • Road services
  • Water and utilities
  • Recreation
  • Garbage pickup
  • Police, fire, and ambulance services
  • Public health
  • Social assistance and housing
  • Children's and senior's services

People that live in Waterloo Region pay property taxes which are used to fund local programs and services. Elected officials make decisions on how to spend property tax dollars properly.

Search local services or your municipality's website for more information about local government services in Waterloo Region. Your settlement worker can also provide you with information and help connect you to local government services.


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