Learning English or French is an important part of the settlement process that can help you find a job, get around the community and make friends. The first step is to get your English language skills assessed. Then you can explore local English language programs, work specific English programs as well as other language programs.

For more information about local language learning options like English classes and informal options such as conversation circles, tutoring and online learning see the Overview of Language Learning Options in Waterloo Region.  

For more information about learning English see: http://settlement.org/ontario/education/#ESL

Souhaitez-vous obtenir des services d'établissement en français? Veuillez visiter Collège Boréal ou téléchargez cette brochure.


Kitchener-Waterloo Multicultural Centre

715 Fischer-Hallman Rd #401, Kitchener, ON

YMCA Immigrant & Employment Services

800 King Street W, Kitchener ON
250 Hespeler Road, Cambridge ON