Minimum wage is the lowest wage rate an employer can pay an employee in Ontario. Most employees are eligible for minimum wage whether they work full-time, part-time or casually. The general minimum wage in Ontario is currently $14.00 per hour. Some jobs have separate rates.

There is also a growing "living wage" movement in Canada. This recommends the hourly income needed based on the real cost of living in a specific community. The living wage in Waterloo Region is currently set at $15.42.

Like many people in Canada, you may earn more than the minimum or living wage. The average salary in Canada in 2017 was reported to be $25.79 per hour.

Working in Waterloo Region offers great earning potential by Canadian standards. According to Statistics Canada, the median total household income in Waterloo Region in 2014 was $84,380, nearly $6,000 above the national average.

Your settlement worker or employment counsellor can provide you with information to help you understand salary and employment options in Waterloo Region.


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