Your life in Canada and your day to day routines may be different to what you are used to in your home country. Take some time to learn about life in Canada as you prepare to move.

Can I work in Canada?

Finding the job you want takes time. As a newcomer to Canada, there are a number of things you can do to increase the likelihood of finding the job you are looking for. When preparing to find work, make sure you:

The Access to Professions and Trades Guide helps internationally trained professionals and tradespersons understand how to work in their field in Canada.

Cost of Living

Waterloo Region is an affordable place to live. The total cost of living is lower than international, national, and Ontario averages, while salaries and wages are comparable to Ottawa and Toronto. Your cost of living will depend on many things including your location, housing type, your lifestyle, where you shop and more. Living expenses vary from location to location in Canada. Some household spending surveys estimate that the average family will spend $55,000 - $65,000 per year.

Following a monthly budget will help you make financial decisions, plan expenses from month to month and live within your financial means. See for more information.


Canada is an incredible, multicultural place to live. Local etiquette and cultural norms may be different to your home country. The Government of Canada provides information to help you get to know about life in Canada.

Waterloo Region is home to vibrant cultural groups,  strong faith communities and community organizations dedicated to creating space for community participation and volunteering. These will help you develop a sense of belonging in Waterloo Region.

People from around the world have made Waterloo Region their home. Enjoy reading some of their experiences of welcoming.

Explore Waterloo Region

Imagine a place where old traditions meet new, where urban meets rural, where nature leads to great adventures, where distinguished events and festivals unite friends and family, a place for you to explore on public holidays and throughout the year.

Waterloo Region is a mid-sized community with both the amenities of a large urban centre and the charm and character of a smaller rural community. Each of our cities is unique in its own way with boutique shops, farmers' markets, a variety of restaurants and thriving public squares. They remain an affordable place to live, with a total cost of living substantially lower than international, national, and Ontario averages, while salaries and wages are comparable to Ottawa and Toronto.

Start to explore.

Rights and Responsibilities

As a resident of Canada, you have both rights and responsibilities.

The Community Legal Education Office provides information on: provides many resources about working in Ontario. Take time to learn about:


Waterloo Region has four unique seasons which influence the weather. Our summers are hot and our winters are cold. Settlement.Org also provides information about weather in Ontario and dressing for winter.  


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