#IamWRagainstdiscrimination is a call to action to Waterloo Region to stand against discrimination. This campaign falls on March 21, the International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination
I am Waterloo Region Against Discrimination poster

With this campaign, the Immigration Partnership aims to encourage local residents and community leaders to use their social media networks to share the message that discrimination has no place in Waterloo Region. 

2017 was the first year of this campaign. Community engagement in sharing the message that discrimination has not place in Waterloo Region by far surpassed targets set by 100%. Almost 500 Waterloo Region residents participated in the campaign, which trended on Twitter and reached over 560,100 people.

Read a small selection of tweets from the day below and click on the hashtag at the top to view all activity from the day:

  • Regional Chair Ken Seiling; "We need to be sure Waterloo Region stands tall against discrimination" #IamWRagainstdiscrimination
  • K-W Multicultural Centre: "It's more than a hash tag here #IamWRagainstdiscrimination"
  • MCC Ontario: "We are joining BSG in saying NO to racism and discrimination in Waterloo Region"
  • Talie Management: "Nice to see Waterloo Region taking a stand against discrimination. Another reason to appreciate KW #IamWRagaintsdiscrimination"
  • WRDSB: "Supporting the elimination of racial discrimination isn't just a one day initiative - it's an everyday mission #IamWRagainstdiscrimination"
  • City of Cambridge: "@cityofcambridge staff stand with Waterloo Region against discrimination. Stand with us! #IamWRagainstdiscrimination"