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2021 Immigrant Survey Poster

The Waterloo Region Immigrant Survey is a bi-annual survey for immigrants, refugees, claimants, international students, temporary workers and their families to share their experiences of living in Waterloo Region. The survey seeks to hear directly from immigrants about their experiences, struggles, diverse strengths they bring and contribute, as well as their suggestions for how to improve settlement and integration in Waterloo Region.

The survey was available online through June 2021 in English, Arabic, Amharic, Chinese, Farsi, French, Serbian, Somali, Spanish, Tigrinya and Turkish.  Alternate survey formats were also available.

In June 2021 we heard from over 1500 immigrant individuals and have analyzed, disaggregated and collated that data. 


The 2021 Immigrant Survey Summary Report includes research findings and a summary of the methodology.

Some detailed topic and subgroup profiles are also available:


Immigrant Survey Community Presentations

We hosted several presentations of the data and collectively discussed what it means for further work:

  • presentation of the survey findings was geared toward a general audience as well as IP partners and people working with immigrants in Waterloo Region.
  • presentation of the 2021 Immigrant Survey methodology also shared insights gained regarding conducting survey research with diverse groups of immigrants. It was geared toward researchers and anyone planning research with diverse populations in Waterloo Region as well as local immigration partnerships in other communities.


If you have any questions or want to discuss the survey or data further contact Dan Vandebelt at